Lab Testing 

"Test don't guess" is our motto. 

How much money have you wasted on supplements?  Did they work, were they a waste, did you actually need them?

We're all looking for an edge.  Regardless if that's fatloss, performance, increasing muscle mass, sleeping better, more energy etc. 

Wouldn't it be nice to know what your body actually needed?

In addition to Personal Training and Nutrition coaching we also offer Functional Lab Testing.  At MATT TERRY FITNESS we assess the client as a whole.  

We look optimize: D.R.E.S.S.

1. Diet

2. Recovery 

3. Exercise 

4. Stress management 

5. Supplementation 

From here we can fully customize everything and reassess labs as well as physical bio-markers (blood pressure, glucose, sleep performance) to make sure we are heading in the right direction. 

So if you're suffering from:

  • fatigue

  • gas, bloating, digestive issues

  • can't lose weight

  • can't gain muscle

  • poor sleep

  • brain fog

  • auto-immune

  • joint pain 

  • doing "everything right" with no results...

Then lab testing might be your next step.  

In order to determine the right labs to order first we meet with the client and review and extensive medical and symptom history along with his/her main complaint to decide which labs to start with. 

Most Popular Tests: 

For Food Sensitivities we use the MRT  considered the gold standard. You will be tested for 170 different foods, chemicals, medications and additives.  Find out what you're reacting to and learn how to start eating in a true anti-inflammatory way. Find what foods work and don't work for you. 

For Hormones and Cortisol we use the DUTCH Complete test.  This report tells us exactly what is happening with your hormones, adrenals and organic acids. Fatigued, can't lose weight, not feeling like yourself, working out and not seeing any progress?  Could be your hormones and adrenal dysfunction.  Find out what's really going on.   

For GI and Gut problems we use the GI MAP stool tests from Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory.  This amazing test shows every aspect of your microbiome; the good, the bad, the problematic, how well you digest foods, immune function and intestinal inflammation makers.  Great at getting to the root of most digestive issues.  Using this and the food sensitive test you can see great results with IBD, skin reactions, ADHD,  and auto-immune issues.  

We also use basic blood panels so we can see general health markers as well.

Male Wellness Panel  – CBC w/Diff & Platelet, CMP 14, LDH, GGT, Iron & TIBC, Lipid Panel, Insulin, Leptin, Testosterone Free & Total

Female Wellness Panel – CBC w/Diff & Platelet, CMP 14, LDH, GGT, Iron & TIBC, Lipid Panel, Estradiol, Progesterone, Total Testosterone, Leptin

* Every testing packing comes with a 1 hour consultation for interpretation so you know exactly what you're results mean and what to do.  Learn the next steps on your nutrition, training, and supplementation to optimize your results.

We are not MDs, we do not diagnose or treat any condition.  I instead we treat everything non-specially, address the body through the D.R.E.S.S. protocol along with lab analysis to tailor everything we do to the client.

We are trained and board certified with the AAPA to order and interpret labs. 

If you're ready to pinpoint the root of the problem and not bandaid symptoms then you've come to the right place. 

Contact us to set up a quick call to see if you're a good fit for our program.

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