"After battling obesity a majority of my life, I decided to take my passion full-time to fitness 20 years ago."

I help men and women learn how to finally take control of their bodies and their health.  After helping hundreds of people in Johnson County lose the weight they want rapidly, I've begun to focus on injury rehabilitation, mobility and lab testing to help people get better in every possible realm.

With my background in Olympic Weightlifting and college football, I still work with youth and professional athletes from both MLB and NFL as well as everyday busy people. My main areas of focus are corrective exercise, nutrition coaching, lab testing, rehabilitation, and Olympic Weightlifting.​

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My goal is to provide my clients with the complete solution for their transformation.

Titles and Achievements

B.S. Kinesiology and Nutrition

CSCS, NASM-CPT, CES, Bio Signature Practitioner Level 2

NeuroKinetic Therapy level 1

Precision Nutrition Level 1&2

Functional Diagnostic Nutritional Practitioner

Natural Bodybuilder, Runner up “Best Trainer in Kansas City” 2013

"Where ever you're at in your journey and what ever you're struggling with I've been there."

From hating what I see in the mirror to eating disorders to eventually over-coming chronic diseases and major digestive issues. I've been there and I can help. Don't ever hesitate to reach out. You can always get better. And if I can't help you, I will point you in the right direction.
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