New Podcast Interview Is Up!

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2022
Recently I was on my friend, Ben Brown's podcast.
We dig into some really cool health topics:
"In  this conversation, Matt Terry and I catch up again to discuss how his nutrition practices have changed after our last discussion in April 2019 on plant-based dieting intervention and cancer.
We talk about how Matt uses functional medicine testing to assess his current clients' needs, how his personal eating patterns have changed throughout the years of assessing his own needs and lifestyle, and the ways in which he’s applied his clinical studies to his clients and life to help create the best results possible.
We nerd out a bit on protein intake and cancer, blood sugar medications, and testosterone and dietary interventions for testosterone optimization.
And finally, we dive into nutrition and lifestyle prescription for morbidly obese clients and the lifestyle behaviors that are not only relevant for them but for anyone working to create long-term change by changing their mindset around food and dieting."
Check it out, it's on iTunes and YouTube.
Share it to anyone you feel it might help 💪🏻

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