Your answer to slow or no progress...

diet fatloss weightloss Feb 10, 2021

The answer to your fat loss problem. 

Fat Loss can be slow...

Probably not what you wanted to hear, but some of you need to hear this and understand it.

For some people, fat loss is easy.  They drop weight super-fast with little effort.  They just sort of "clean up" their diet and start working out and boom!  A couple months later they look totally different.  We've had clients like this, in fact we've had people drop 30 lbs. (and keep it off most importantly) in our 6-week challenges.  Even had a client drop 80 lbs. in 7 months.

Now to be fair, these are mainly men, and yes men lose fat much faster than women. But we have also had women drop weight really quickly as well, so it can happen.

But then there are MOST people who drop weight really.... really.... slowly....

These are often people who have "tried" everything which really means they've dieted A LOT!

These are often women, and they usually have some kind of metabolic problem.  Like a slower metabolism.  They gain it easily, lose it really slowly (or not at all) despite dieting and working out.

Even if they drop 2 lbs. a week, they're still discouraged.  Side note: losing 2 lbs. a week is FAST and just think if you did that every week for a year, you'd drop over 100 lbs.!

So how do you lose fat faster, or in some cases start seeing progress?  Well we need to get your metabolism up again, and this is how...

Basically, the opposite of what you're doing now:

1. more sleep (7 hours minimum EVERY NIGHT) more is better

2. more calories especially from carbs

3. more weightlifting

4. more salt

5. less cardio

6. less calorie restriction

7. less to no stimulants

8. you have to track your intake and be accurate

This is typically where we start people who've tried everything, and it will absolutely start the ball rolling even in the worse cases.

Doesn't mean you'll reach your goal in 90 days but if you actually do all 8 items you will start seeing some progress (less hair falling out, warmer body temps, losing inches, more energy, some weight loss) within the first two weeks.  I promise...

When a client follows this, in almost 20 years of experience working with thousands of clients, it has never not worked when it's actually followed. And I mean all of them, to the letter.

And if we still don't see the progress we want, even after we start seeing some traction, we lab test and get to the root of the issue.

BUT regardless if we plan on doing labs, we also start with the 8 items first.

So, try these for yourself, give it two weeks and if you're not seeing progress reach out to us and we can set up a quick 20-minute call to see what's going on.

Or if you're ready to chat now set it up here.

And remember even if you're only losing a few lbs. a month that's OK!


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