Lose Weight Without Counting Calories (Because Calorie Counting Sucks)

Losing weight is hard.

Counting calories sucks.  It’s tedious and time-consuming. Worst of all, it’s highly inaccurate because there are too many moving targets.

But there is a such thing as energy balance. That means you’ll lose weight if up burn more calories than you take in.   So why are some people “successful” at losing weight when counting calories? 

Counting calories makes them aware of what they are eating and helps them focus on portion control. This is the biggest reason any type of counting or recording method works.  It makes you conscious of what you are eating, which naturally translates to better food choices.

But calorie counting still sucks. It takes time and ask yourself “Self, am I really going to count calories, points or weigh my foods they rest of my life?” 

That answer “NO!!”  Whatever weightloss program you choose  it has to be:

Sustainable Healthy for you and the...

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